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Frecuently Asked Questions


1.- The text prints fade, incomplete, to light or not clear
2.- The last printed tag stays insight the printer and it is necessary to press the feed button. This wastes some unusable tags.
3.- How to input a paragraph with different lines instead of having to use one text box for each line.
4.- How to print from an excel or database  file
5.- How to make the barcode fit in a smaller area.
6.- How to write Vertical.
7.- I lost the installation disks
8.- The printer is skipping some tags when I print.
9.- The green front lights in the front panel are blinking.
10.- I get a message saying that my 30 days trial period has expire


1.- With bartender you can use all the fonts that you have in Windows.
Due to the way these fonts are design, some of them are going to look better when you print them. You can experiment using the fonts that you like more, but if you are not in experimenting moods, just use Arial and Arial black these two fonts are installed in must computers and have an excellent resolution when you print small fonts.

You can also increase the amount of ink that the printer is transferring to the paper.
The way to do this is:

  1. Click on print
  2. Click on Document properties
  3. Click on options
  4. Check the box ”Send with job” and increase the value by moving the indicator to the right .This is going to increase the print head temperature and transfer more ink to the tag. A value of 12 or 14 should be enough. Be careful to much heat may give you some problems, especially if you are printing very small fonts or barcodes.

The best ways to learn what it is better for you is experimenting, but if you do not like the results just go back to how it was before.

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2.- You can make the last printed tag to come out of the printer a little more, enough to be  remove it from the printer, and then make it go back to print the next tag.

The way to do this is by:

  1. Click on file.
  2. Click on Print
  3. Click on document properties
  4. Click on Stock
  5. Change post print action to tear off
  6. Set Stop offset to 1.25 inch
  7. Click OK

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3.- If you want to use the same font and the same size for each line of text in a tag, you can save some time by doing the following

  1. Double click in the text that you want to modify. This is going to open the “Modify Selected Object Window”.
  2. Click on the Text tab.
  3. Select Paragraph
  4. Click on OK
  5. Click on the Data source Text Box.
  6. Modify the text and each time that you type enter, is going to start a new line in the same text box.
  7. If you prefer to print each line of text with a different font or in a different size, area of the tag, it is better to create one text box for each line of text.

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4.- If you want to print from a database file or an excel spread sheet. This is what you have to do.
Go to: http://www.bartenderbarcodesoftware.com/label-software/training-video-%28reading-data-from-database%29.aspx
Watch this video that shows you how bartender is going to read the information and generate the tags.
To do this you are going to need Bartender Pro.
Before you decide if this is the right solution for you. You can activate the trial features of the program and use them for 30 days
“Make sure that you deactivate them after you finish checking the program”
To activate the trial futures:

  1. Open Bartender
  2. Click file
  3. Click Trial Features
  4. Select Trial Features
  5. Check the box Trial Features


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5.-To print a barcode in a smaller area is better to use barcode 128.

  1. Double click on the barcode
  2. Change symbology to code 128

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6.- To rotate the text vertically:

  1. Select the text that you want to rotate.
  2. On the right site of your screen click on the icon that has an arrow and a 90

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7.- If you lost the installation disks and need to install in a new computer
Go to  http://www.austikamericas.com/content2/index.php/en/downloadssupport.html , Download and install Batender ultralite and Drivers Argox.

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8.- If the printer is skipping some tags when you print. You need to align the tags, this will tell the printer how much distance is between tags.

  1. Turn Off the printer
  2. Press the feed button on the front of the printer.
  3. Turn On the printer while still holding the feed button
  4. As SOON as the tags start moving release the feed button.

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9.- If the green front lights are blinking it means that something is open, loose or incorrectly place in the printer.
Check that the ink and the labels are correctly installed.
Watch the videos on:
The austik CD. or on or video tutorial section

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10.- If you get a message saying that your 30 days trial period has expire the printer may print replacing some letters with other letters or digits.
You will have to uninstall the trial features.

  1. Click on file
  2. Click on Trial Features
  3. Uncheck the trial features check box
  4. Click OK

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