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For 20 years, AUSTIK has been the leader in Jewelry and specialty Tags. With the largest and most comprehensive range in the world, Austik still lead the way, with it’s innovation, quality and dedication to the retail industries miniature labelling and tagging needs. Manufactured to the highest standards, using the finest materials available.


When it comes to Jewelry tags and labels, Austik leads the way, in innovation, style and technology. Our 100% polyplastic tags, have the most advanced emulsive coating available, allowing the print to grip the surface of our material better than any other tag. Try our tags in your Ultrasonic cleaner and see how durable they are.


The tail strength of our tags cannot be matched, adding security to your valuable product. Go ahead, try to break out string tag tails and see how weak other tags really are.


Our adhesive is the most permanent acrylic emulsion known. Unlike other Hot Melt adhesives, with short life spans and low heat resistance, our adhesive will not soften under the heat of a display window, which can make other tags easy to tamper with and remove. Our adhesive is guaranteed not to bleed like hot melt, making printing cleaner and more trouble free.


Austik provide the complete label package to all Jewelers, including top quality thermal transfer printers. Many of today’s merchants, use barcode systems, to provide pricing and inventory info at a glance. Given the size of the tags that are used in the jewelry industry, the printers used to generate the correct size and quality of print required are very specific and important.


With this in mind, Austik supply printers that are designed for this specific end use. We also provide the software, to be able to produce these tags easily and quickly. Samples of printed tags will be provided on request, for you to test the extreme durability of the Austik product. The combination of our heavy duty printers, our extremely durably resin ribbons and our top coated pattern adhesed tags, give the Jeweler an unbeatable quality and durability when it comes to their tags. Austik, the leaders in Jewelry tag printing.


For obvious reasons, security has always been an issue for the Jewelry industry. With this in mind, Austik have developed a new tag, which provides evidence of tampering. Many stores have been subject to theft, both from external and internal sources. A common method of committing this crime, is by the removal or exchange of the Jewelry tag, before purchase or theft.


Hot melt adhesives are the easiest to target for this crime, as when heated, they can easily be removed or exchanged. Hot melt adhesives should be avoided as they are a security risk.


Austik has developed a tag, with not only the strongest non adhesive area, being the tail on our string tag, or the stem on a dumbell, but which also provides visible evidence of tampering which the store owner can easily detect at a glance. Any attempt to remove these tags will reveal the word VOID, which cannot be erased. Even the box labels, cannot be exchanged or removed, without the same evidence of tampering.


As part of a complete service to it’s Jewelry customers, Austik offers a personalization service for the more popular tag shapes. Should you require your company logo, printed in full colour, onto one side of your tag, Austik can produce this, when supplying your tags.


Simply choose the tag shape you would prefer, email us a JPG of your artwork, and leave the rest to us. You will receive your tags beautifully printed, and ready for you to print your variable information onto the blank side of the tag. Your tags are part of the first impression of the product you sell and a personalized tag along with all the other efforts a jeweller makes, helps to make everything about your product, very impressive indeed.


Please ask for a quotation for this service and keep in mind that extra time will be required to produce your personalized tags.